We’re enhancing our subscriber experience

Billing Date Changes

Coast Connect is growing every day as more homes and businesses are choosing our world-class internet speeds and hometown service. To give our subscribers the best possible customer service experience, we are introducing a new subscriber information and accounting system. This new system will enhance our subscriber experience with new tools and ways to pay.

Our first change will affect your bill date. Bills are currently mailed on the 12th of the month for service the following month. Beginning in June, bills will be mailed on the 1st of each month for that month’s service and will be due on the 10th.

To make this transition, we will not send out bills in mid-May. You will instead receive your next bill for June’s service on or around June 1. The amount of your bill will not change. We appreciate your patience as we work to upgrade the subscriber experience and we look forward to sharing more information in the coming weeks.