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Important Notice Regarding the End of the Affordable Connectivity Program

Updated: May 2024

The Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) is ending. Your April 2024 bill from CoastConnect will be the final bill that includes the full ACP discount of up to $30/month. For those who remain eligible and subscribed for ACP benefits, the May 2024 bill will reflect a partial ACP reimbursement amount provided by the federal government, in an amount up to $14. This means that you will be responsible for the cost of your applicable service plan, minus the amount of partial reimbursement. Your June 2024 bill and future bills from CoastConnect will increase by the amount of your former monthly ACP discount. After the ACP ends, you will be subject to CoastConnect’s non-ACP rates, terms, and conditions.

When the ACP ends, your bill will increase if you remain on the same CoastConnect plan. If you do not want your bill to increase at the end of ACP, you have the option of changing your CoastConnect service plan to a lower cost plan, if one is available. Although we would hate to see you leave our world-class internet service, you may also choose to discontinue your CoastConnect service.

If you disagree with the federal government’s failure to continue ACP funding, we encourage you to contact your congressional representatives and let them know how you feel. Representative Mike Ezell: (Link: Senator Cindy Hyde-Smith: (Link: Roger Wicker: (

If you reach out to Senator Hyde-Smith, Senator Wicker or Representative Ezell, here are a few points you can share: Since launching in December 2021, nearly 23 million households across the country have benefited from ACP. More than 1,000 CoastConnect subscribers use the ACP benefit to help pay their monthly bills. Discontinuing ACP will have a negative financial impact for me and my family. Discontinuing ACP will have a negative financial impact on CoastConnect, my internet service provider. High-speed internet access is necessary for working from home, studying online and for telemedicine visits. Refusing to fund ACP means I may not be able to use high-speed internet service to work, study or connect because of my financial status.

Please add any additional information that would help our elected officials understand how refusing to fund ACP will negatively affect your life.

If you have any questions, please contact the ACP Support Center at 877-384-2575.

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