Important Notice Regarding the End of the Affordable Connectivity Program

On January 11, 2024, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) announced the wind-down of the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP), which provides eligible subscribers with a benefit of up to $30 per month. According to the FCC, ACP funds are now nearly depleted. Without additional funding from Congress, current ACP funding is projected to run out this […]
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CoastConnect’s new subscriber information system & payment portal

New Subscriber Payment Portal CoastConnect subscribers may now use our new portal to manage their accounts. Subscribers will receive an email from the address [email protected] that includes a link to our new portal. Please make sure to put this email address on your list of safe senders. This will be the email we use to […]
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Best Games for Bonding with your Child

From pediatricians to psychologists, experts agree that spending quality time is among the best investments a parent can make for their children. But it’s also sometimes the most difficult to pull off.  Between parents’ work responsibilities and their child’s school, sports, and activities schedules, time for parents to bond with their kids can slip away. […]
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Privacy Settings Every Smart Home Assistant User Should Consider

Smart home assistants like Amazon’s Alexa and its Echo and Dot smart speakers, Apple’s Siri and its HomeKit, and Google Home Assistant and its Nest product line have become popular in recent years. Also known as voice-controlled smart devices, or digital assistants, it’s getting hard to find a home that doesn’t have at least one […]
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Interference: Sneaky Suspects that Slow Your Speeds

We’ve all experienced occasional slower internet speeds from time to time. And too often, this happens at the worst times, like when you’ve finally gotten a moment to binge that show everyone is always talking about! For some of us, though, slower internet speeds and poor streaming are regular occurrences. We get the frustration. And […]
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Sharing Success in our Community

In partnership with CoBank, a national cooperative bank that serves utilities in rural America, Coast Electric Power Association and its high-speed internet subsidiary, CoastConnect, have issued grants to local non-profit organizations through CoBank’s Sharing Success program. The program helps cooperatives nationwide give back to charities in their local communities, which is an important focus for […]
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