As your broadband service provider, we strive to equip you with resources that ensure
you are experiencing CoastConnect at its full potential. These reference guides and
video tutorials are informational resources designed to help you navigate through
CoastConnect’s services. If there is any information that you would like to see included,
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Reference Guides

Instructional Videos

How to Set Up Your System

Setting Up Basic Parental Controls

Setting Up a Guest Network

Change Your Network Name & Password

Connected Devices in Your Network

Set Screen Limits with Parental Controls

How to Set Up Your Mesh - Wired

Setting Up Your Wifi and App

Performing a Bandwith Test Using the App

Enable & Disable Applications Using the App

View Usage - Enhanced Parental Control

Learn About Protect IQ

How to Set Up Your Mesh

An Introduction to the App Dashboard

How to Set Up Alexa

Add Filters to Enhanced Parental Controls

Notifications - Enhanced Parental Control

Set Up Your Mesh Wired GigaSpire u4

Connecting Wired Devices to Your System

An Introduction to the App Menu

View Network Usage with the App

The Settings Menu on the App

Set Up Enhanced Parental Control Profiles

Set Up Your Mesh GigaSpire u4